Fantasy Guild

Fantasy GuildJoin the women of the Ladies Naughty Book Club as they transform their secret fantasies into reality.

Jasmine and her fellow book clubbers grow disgruntled that characters in spicy novels live larger than they do. Deciding it’s time to make their own racy daydreams come true, they form the Fantasy Guild.

The Fantasy Guild series is available to borrow with Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited program. Or you can purchase the complete series in a money-saving collection.

6 thoughts on “Fantasy Guild

    1. The Fantasy Guild books are all available at Amazon. They are also enrolled in the Kindle Unlimited program so if you’re a member you can borrow them for free. If for some reason you can’t buy them at Amazon, email me and I’ll see if I can work something else out.

  1. Hello. Loved the first book in this series. Went to buy the second book and the whole book and it says they aren’t available in my country. What’s up with that? Where can I find this? Thanks for your time.

    1. Hi Starr,

      I can’t imagine why they wouldn’t be available in every country. I certainly haven’t limited them to any particular country. You might check again and if you can’t find them shoot me an email and I’ll work something out to get them to you.

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