Take Three, Please

Take Three, Please CoverThe first short story in the Ménage, Sexy and Short Romance series.

Three gorgeous men stroll into Morgan’s bakery and her life will never be the same

For months, Morgan has been lightly flirting with a trio of the most handsome regular customers any single female could hope to have. She knows they’re interested in her, but none of them steps forward and makes the first move.

Morgan would make that first move, if it weren’t for an annoying problem — she can’t choose between them! What woman could?

When the day finally arrives that one of the brawny gents, Brandon, asks her out, she’s thrilled. Yet she can’t help regretting the loss of his two friends.

Morgan thinks she’s prepared to settle for one. The men in her life think differently. Very differently. In fact, they’re hoping she’ll take three.

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Take Three Please

CECILE POPPED HER GUM. “Would you pick one already? I’m tired of waiting around to make my move.”

Morgan sent her an impatient frown. “Go ahead. They’re not my property.”

“The hell they aren’t.”

The two women eyed the objects under discussion—three handsome, muscular men who currently overfilled the large circular booth in the back corner of the bakery. They each had dark hair and sculpted physiques, bronzed skin.

Any one of them could have graced the cover of a fitness magazine. They were in their early thirties, a few years older than Morgan.

She thought any woman, once she became acquainted with the men, would ache to secure them as her personal property. Too bad that Cecile exaggerated Morgan’s own claim.

The first time the trio entered the bakery, Morgan disliked them on sight. She knew their kind: overbearing jocks with more brawn than brains, self-entitled jerks who thought their good looks and hard bodies meant they didn’t have to be courteous or even passably decent to other, lesser mortals.

She expected them to leer at her, treat her like meat, then complain about how much fat was in the soup and debate how many carbs were in the bread. Blech.

She was so convinced she knew who they were, in fact, that she’d sent Cecile to take their orders. Not having to deal with customers like the beefy threesome was one of the perks of owning her own business.

It was a surprise when the three men turned out to be polite, friendly and all-around terrific customers. Profitable, too, since they’d been coming to the bakery for lunch nearly every weekday for several months. Oh, and most saliently of all, they were single and straight. Salient facts to be sure.

Morgan tore her gaze away from the handsome men and looked at Cecile. “You know you aren’t supposed to chew gum while you’re on duty.”

“Geez,” Cecile said, spitting the gum into a napkin, “my boss is a grouchy hardass. You need to get laid.”

“Shh—they might hear!”

“Good, then maybe one of them will get on the stick and knock off the googly-eyed act and finally ask you out so I can scoop up the leftovers.”

Morgan considered ordering Cecile to the kitchen, then noticed movement out of the corner of her eye. One of the men in the booth was waving a hand, trying to get her attention.

She turned, smiled and muttered under her breath to Cecile before she walked away, “If you weren’t my cousin, I’d fire you.”

“If you weren’t my cousin, I’d let you.”

Morgan bit back a laugh and headed over to the three hunky men, Brandon, Ethan and Mark. Their big bodies made the table seem diminutive.

“Do you need something?” she asked.

“We wanted to tell you how much we enjoyed the soup today. I don’t even like pea soup, but yours was excellent,” Ethan said, usually the most outgoing of the three.

Brandon’s blue eyes shined at her. “Best soup ever.”

Mark, the quiet one, simply looked steadily at her and nodded his agreement. Something about him always made her want to push his hair away from his face, to reveal him.

“Thank you. I wish all my customers were as easy to please as you guys,” she said.

“We’re not easy,” Brandon said.

“You’re just that good,” Ethan said.

She smiled as she always did when they completed each other’s sentences. She’d asked them once if they were brothers, and they said yes, but not of body, of spirit instead. They said they’d been friends since childhood and were closer than most brothers could ever hope to be.

“Thanks,” she said. “Tomorrow’s soup is chicken and rice, if you come back, of course.”

“You know we can’t resist … your food,” Ethan said.

Morgan couldn’t ignore the deliberate pause. Ethan liked to flirt. Nothing ever came of it, though, other than more flirting. Pity. “Well, I can’t resist … cooking it.”

He licked his lips. Oh my, she thought. He had the fullest lips. And the biggest, sparkliest brown eyes. Knock it off, she told herself.

“I’ll have Cecile bring over your check. Thanks, fellas,” she said in a rush, eager to be away before she made an ass of herself.

“Actually,” Ethan said, “Mark and I are headed to pay up at the counter. Brandon has a little something he wants to talk to you about.”

The implication of what he said surprised her enough that she stood there stupidly mute while Ethan and Mark slid out of the booth and headed off, leaving her alone with Brandon. He looked nearly as rattled as she felt.

“Uh, that wasn’t well done,” he said, with a self-conscious expression. “Sorry about that. Would you mind sitting down with me for a second or two? If you’ve got the time?”

Oh, she had the time. But did she have the nerve?

She sat down. “I hope there isn’t a problem. With the food, I mean. Or service. Whatever.” Geez, she was acting like an idiot.

He didn’t seem to notice. “No. There’s never a problem. You’re perfect.”

“You are too. I mean, customer. A perfect customer.”

“I wanted to talk to you about that. About becoming something more than a customer to you. You’ve known I’ve wanted that for a while now, haven’t you?”

So this was it. Finally. One of the trio was making a move on her. Wow.

Now that it was actually happening, now that the long-wished for event was here, she wasn’t sure how she felt about it. Brandon. Huh. Was he her favorite?

She definitely liked him, was attracted to him. But she was attracted to Ethan and Mark as well. Liked them, too. Did she want either of them more than Brandon?

When she’d daydreamed about this happening, and she’d definitely daydreamed about it dozens of times, she hadn’t imagined that it would be a mixed blessing. On the one hand, Brandon told her he was interested in her. Hurray! On the other hand, Ethan and Mark had not. Bummer. What a silly way to feel about things.

Take Three, Please

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Take Three, Please is approximately 33 pages long and contains sexual situations that are only suitable for adults.

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