The Submissive’s Last Word

The Submissive's Last Word CoverPart Four of “The Power to Please,” a dark and sensual series about shattering loss and redeeming love published under the pen name Deena Ward.

The powerful conclusion to Nonnie’s story

Despondent and adrift, Nonnie Crawford lingers in self-enforced exile on Gibson Reeves’ estate. The daunting task of rebuilding her life seems more than she can face. Nonnie has more allies than she realizes, chief among them Gibson. His knowledge can help her heal, if only she’ll trust him and listen to some hard truths.

Trust and truth. They’ll need both as they try to find their way back to one another, as they struggle to earn indestructible love … and reach to claim the ultimate power to please.

The Power to Please series contains explicit language and scenes of a sexual nature including consensual BDSM scenes.
Approximately 94,000 words, 340 print pages.

This series is available in wide distribution:

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