Jackie’s Triple Play

Jackie's Triple Play CoverThe third short story in the Ménage, Sexy and Short Romance series.

Jackie finds ménage magic of her own at Morgan’s Bakery.

Jackie believes the universe has sent her a sign when she discovers what her secretive friends, Morgan and Cecile, have been doing with their trios of handsome suitors. When she crashes her car into a tree and the accident is investigated by three of the sexiest patrol cops in the city, Jackie is certain she’s meant to follow in her friends’ unconventional footsteps.

Unlucky in love, Officers Gil, Quincy and Liam have sworn off dating. Cute and quirky Jackie makes them reconsider that decision, and they believe she’ll soon choose one of them for her own.

But Jackie has no intention of singling out one hot cop. With the universe on her side, she’ll settle for nothing less than the perfect triple play.


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Jackie’s Triple Play

JACKIE CRUMBLED ANOTHER COOKIE into her brown paper bag and watched Cecile flirt with one of the attorneys from across the street. Since the grand opening party over a week ago, Cecile had been much friendlier with the three handsome lawyers who’d been wooing her for like forever. Jackie wondered what it meant.

A trill of lilting laughter drew her attention to the far wall of the bakery. She saw Morgan flirting with her boyfriend, Brandon, a hulking body-builder who owned a gym with his two buddies, both of whom were currently overfilling the big corner booth alongside Brandon.

Jackie wondered how it had been going for Morgan since Cecile set her attorneys on Brandon’s pals for making unwanted advances on Morgan. Jackie wasn’t certain how unwanted those advances actually were, especially since she’d seen Morgan locking lips with Ethan in a dark hallway at the grand opening party. Morgan didn’t appear to be hating that kiss.

Cecile said she had it all under control. Jackie doubted it.

Jackie believed the world was an inherently uncontrollable place, where anything could happen at any time. Fate. Destiny, whatever you wanted to call it, was always up to shenanigans and you never knew when a fresh breeze would blow you in an unexpected direction.

She embraced the idea, enjoyed it, didn’t want to live in a world where you could predict what came next. Her grandmother used to say, “Variety is the spice of life, Jacklyn. Don’t miss a single flavor.”

Words to live by, Jackie thought, and held the paper bag up to her nose, inhaling the deliciously sweet scent of sugar and chocolate.

Cecile’s attorney, Kevin, squeezed Cecile’s hand in farewell, then stood up and headed to the door.

On his way out, he stopped beside Jackie. “Hey! Didn’t see you there, Jackie-Chan.” He gave her a playful punch on her arm that she barely felt. “Tough girl.”

And then he sauntered out the door, not waiting for her response.

Cecile came over, stopping at the other side of the counter, her arms crossed on her chest and an unimpressed expression on her pretty face. “I don’t know what it is with him and those stupid nicknames. Sorry, Jacklyn.”

Jackie shrugged. “I don’t mind. Anyway, I’ve decided I like the Jackie part. You can call me that from now on.”

Cecile gave her a “must placate Jacklyn’s whacky ways” look. “If that’s what you want. I’ll try to remember.”

“That’s all I can ask.”

“So what’s with the bag? You still eating stuff one crumb at a time?”

“Nope,” Jackie answered. “That didn’t work out. I gained a pound.”

“That could just be natural fluctuation.”

“Doubt it. Belly fat likes to sneak up on you disguised as temporary water weight. Anyway, my new system removes all the variables of the old one. It’s pretty much a sure deal.”

Cecile smiled. “Okay, I’ll bite. What’s the new system?”

“So glad you asked. As we know, a huge part of the enjoyment of food is the aroma. We smell something yummy and it makes us happy.”

“Duh. I work in a bakery for crying out loud.”

“Exactly. So you get it. My idea is to never actually eat sugary treats—I only smell them. See? I’ve crumbled up the cookies in this bag. The crumbling intensifies the scent factor. When I get a craving to eat something sweet, I open the bag and take a good long sniff. Yum. Cookies. A no-calorie treat.”

“You never actually eat the cookies?”

“Of course not,” Jackie said. “That would destroy the entire foundation of the system.”

Cecile cocked an eyebrow. “So, your new diet plan is to just sniff food and never eat it.”

“No, I’m still eating. I’m only not eating stuff that’s bad for me, or fattening. When I want the bad stuff, I just smell it. Like the cookies in this bag.”

“You’re not tempted to upend the bag and chow down everything in one go?”

Jackie flinched. “Don’t even suggest such a thing. It’s ananthema.”


“Ananthema. Something that shouldn’t be said.”

“I don’t think that’s what that means. And I’m pretty sure that’s not how you say it.”

“Whatever,” Jackie said. “You know what I mean.”

“I didn’t, actually.”

“Fine then. It’s like Voldemort. Don’t name it.”

“Okay, I get that.”

“Anyway, of course I’m tempted to eat the cookies. I’m always tempted to eat cookies.” Jackie sighed. “And brownies and cake and lasagna and ice cream and cheeseburgers. And fried chicken. Oh, fried chicken. I may need to stop by WingerFlingers later. Their spicy wings smell better than practically anything.”

“You’d better not put them in a paper bag like you’ve got there,” Cecile said. “Unless you want grease on everything you own.”

“Good point. The system’s new. I just thought of it last night so I’m still working out the deets. I’ll go buy some plastic baggies after I leave here.”

The bell over the door jingled and Cecile immediately stood up straighter and smiled. Jackie turned to look. It was charming Charles, another of Cecile’s lawyers.

Cecile directed Charles to the far barstool where Kevin had been sitting. Her gaze followed the handsome man as if he’d entranced her. She said vaguely, “Sorry, Jacklyn. Customer. Help yourself to anything you want to … smell.”

And she was gone, off to chat it up with Charles.

“It’s Jackie,” Jackie said with a brief eye roll.

Charles greeted Cecile with a lingering handclasp. Very lingering, in fact, and not subtle, the way his thumb stroked her palm.

Jackie wondered when Cecile was going to make her choice and put those guys out of their collective misery. She’d been stringing all three of them along forever. Jackie couldn’t blame Cecile for not wanting to pick, though. It must be stellar to have three handsome men pursuing you at the same time.

Manly laughter from the opposite corner of the bakery returned her attention to Morgan and her man-hunks. Morgan stood in front of their table, entertaining them all. She reached out and squeezed Mark’s shoulder.

Huh. Mark. Not Brandon, who she was dating. Not Ethan, who she’d been kissing at the party. Touching Mark’s shoulder. Interesting. More than interesting, actually.

Jackie was even more surprised when Morgan snatched her hand back as if Mark had burned her. She whipped her head around and with a horrified expression, stared straight over at Cecile.

Jackie followed her lead. Cecile was turned half away from them, smiling at Charles like he was God’s gift to womankind, which he kind of was, if you liked corny lines, good looks and ripped pecs.

Jackie looked back to Morgan. Morgan’s expression changed to obvious relief. She turned to the men and did a “whew” wipe of her brow.


The door bell jingled and Jackie wasn’t surprised to see Dane, Cecile’s third attorney, stroll into the bakery. He scanned the room, found Cecile and Charles and headed straight over to them, sitting on a barstool beside Charles.

Dane clasped Cecile’s hand. Another lingering hello. Jackie wondered at how Charles wasn’t bothered by Dane’s actions, not that she could tell. And Cecile didn’t seem uncomfortable with Charles watching.

The handshake continued and didn’t end until Cecile pulled her hand away after a peek in Morgan’s direction.

Double huh. Double interesting.

Jackie hadn’t been a good student in school. She daydreamed and didn’t care about doing boring worksheets or memorizing dates and formulas.

Since her grades were poor, people thought Jackie wasn’t very bright. Oh, they’d say she was pretty enough, and nice, and a good friend, etc. But they never said she was smart.

Jackie didn’t take it personally. They didn’t know better. But she knew her worth and she knew she was as smart as anyone else, grades or no grades.

And here, on this day in Morgan’s Bakery, she was once again proving to herself that she had her own kind of smarts … because she’d just figured something out. Had an a-ha moment. Saw the situation with startling clarity.

It should have been obvious to everyone. But it wasn’t. Only Jackie had figured it out.

Morgan was sleeping with three men at the same time. And the men knew it, and didn’t care. They liked to share.

And that wasn’t all.

Cecile was also sleeping with three men at the same time. And once again, the men knew and liked to share.

And to top it all off, Morgan and Cecile didn’t know they were both doing the same thing.

Holy hell in a hand-boat.

Jackie was surrounded by swingers. If that’s what you called it. What did you call it anyway? Polyarmory? That didn’t sound right. Whatever.

She was truly shocked. You just never knew what people were up to when they thought you weren’t paying attention.

She watched Cecile with her two lawyers, studying the situation from her new perspective. Cecile smiled and batted her eyelashes, played hard to get but was clearly already gotten. The men touched her briefly and often. Everyone’s eyes sparkled. And their skin was lightly flushed.

New love. Passion.

The same thing over at Morgan’s foursome.

Jackie mindlessly dug into her paper bag and scooped out some crumbs. She dumped them into her mouth and savored the sugar-pleasure washing through her.

This was one kinky bakery, she thought, slowly chewing the crunchy bits of tasty cookies. What were the odds that these two cousins would each find a trio of willing hunks to share them? Jackie didn’t know math, but she thought the odds on this one were long. Way long.

She wondered why they didn’t tell each other what they were up to. Were they embarrassed? Granted, it wasn’t exactly an average-Joe lifestyle they were living. But they were consenting adults. And Cecile and Morgan loved each other. Jackie couldn’t imagine why they thought the other wouldn’t accept their choices.

There was no accounting for people. They were always doing surprising, illogical things, and this was simply one more example.

Although she didn’t agree with their decision to hide from each other, Jackie wouldn’t be the one to blow their covers. No, if and when they learned they were both up to the same thing, it wouldn’t be Jackie who told them.

She looked down at her paper bag. It was nearly empty. Damn. She’d almost eaten the whole thing. Clearly, this new diet plan required constant vigilance. Any slacking and the whole plan disintegrated.

She couldn’t blame herself too much, though; it wasn’t every day that a girl discovered her two best friends were kinksters.

Three men to one woman. What would that be like? A shivering jolt shot down her spine and landed straight between her legs. Jackie supposed this physical response answered her question.

She eyed Cecile and then Morgan. Lucky. That’s what they were.

Lucky, lucky ladies.

Jackie wondered where she could get some of it.


AN HOUR OR SO later, Jackie drove toward home, a sack of fresh cookie crumbs at her side. In the passenger seat was a plastic baggie holding several WingerFlingers wings, and a drive-thru garden salad with low-fat dressing. She’d only be eating one of those items for dinner, and she hoped it would be the salad.

She couldn’t stop thinking about Morgan and Cecile. Six men and two women. It wasn’t fair that those two should snatch up extra mates like that. Jackie didn’t begrudge them their selfishness, though. If Jackie could pull it off, she’d nab three hotties of her own.

And why, exactly, couldn’t she pull it off? For one thing, men interested in sharing their women with other men weren’t exactly advertising their availability. Though maybe they were. Probably on Craigslist. No, that wasn’t her way.

She might get lucky some other way. Cecile and Morgan had. Maybe Jackie could ask Brandon or Charles about it. Perhaps they had other, swinging buddies.

The idea excited Jackie. The more she considered it, the more likely Brandon or Charles was the answer. She reached for the bag of cookies, opened it awkwardly, one-handed, while she tried to keep an eye on the road. She inhaled deeply. Yum. Cookies. But no eating of said cookies, she reminded herself. Only sniffing.

She glanced down at the bag. Munching on a small handful of delicious bits wouldn’t be a big deal. One little crumb or two—

Movement on the road drew her attention forward again. She looked up in time to see a small dog standing in the middle of her lane. He was small, brown, furry, and adorable. And she was going to hit it. Oh no!

She smashed on her brakes but knew in the pit of her stomach that she couldn’t stop in time. Yanking the wheel to the right, she narrowly missed the little dog by jolting her car up and over the curb.

Before she could correct the maneuver, she hit the trunk of a big tree, coming to a jarring halt. Fortunately, she wasn’t going very fast and she was wearing her seat belt, so the worst of it was rattled teeth and surprise.

Her heart pounded as she took stock of the situation. Okay, she’d hit a tree. Her bumper was probably a goner. She hoped the tree was okay. Was she okay? She felt herself along where the seat belt had bitten into her. She seemed fine. Nothing broken. Might be sore later. Her ancient car didn’t have airbags, so she didn’t have to deal with those.

In all, she’d gotten off lucky, she thought. She started to undo her seat belt and received her second shock within a half minute when someone pounded on her window.

She saw, with considerable dismay, the black uniform of a patrol cop. Oh hell.

She reluctantly rolled down the window. “Sorry officer, did—”

“Don’t move, Ma’am,” came a deep and appealing drawl. “You might be injured. Can you turn off the car?”

“Oh, yeah, right. Sure.” She turned the key with a shaky hand.

“Are you okay? Are you injured? Any dizziness?”

She looked out the window and up, way up. The tall, imposing man in dark sunglasses stood with hands on his hips. He was muscular, very fit, with a square jaw and a buzzed hair cut under his cop hat. She guessed him to be a few years older than herself, twenty-seven or twenty-eight.

Jackie’s Triple Play

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